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Maybe you will find yourself here, I am writing for myself and sharing it with you. I have often limited myself through fear of the future and have always taken the path of certainty rather than the unknown, exciting one. The worst thing was always just enduring it in one place or situation and being dishonest with myself. I talked it up so I wouldn’t have to let go or get out of my comfort zone. However, letting go again and again is the rhythm of life and we get ‘stuck’ when we unconsciously choose fear. An inertia develops, you try to calculate life, to look ahead and that is exactly how you get lost. One no longer values the present moment and loses oneself. Life no longer feels like unlimited potential, like infinite freedom. One’s own life is locked in a cage of ignorance, of fear of living. Fear of letting go. Fear of always jumping into the unknown. Fear of the new. That is the bitter truth and it tastes bitter, but it is the only way that leads us to freedom. And yes, we always fail because of individual fears. That’s exactly when we lose ourselves again, then we have to get up again and go on. Again and again. Until joy and love prevail, until we carry so much light within us that we can’t help but move forward full of love, expressing ourselves freely and carefree and jumping into the unknown full of confidence with our whole heart. With our whole being, our deepest truth. To live as intensely as is at all possible. Giving ourselves fully to life, merging with life as if in a divine orgasm. This is true life in the freest expression possible. Flowing with one’s whole being in love, without holding back even one atom. To swim fearlessly in divine love. In the deepest ocean of love.

Day and night. I breathe out, I breathe in. I lose myself and I find myself.

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  1. Juan

    Beautiful thoughts. So much wisdom on them. We need courage for living. Thanks for sharing

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