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To change the world you have to change yourself, because everything you think, feel, do is a manifestation in this world. An energy that is never lost, as if you throw a stone with it into the water, the waves that arise from it are unstoppable. You and everything that radiates from you in any way, vibrates. Everything is vibration and so you come into resonance with everything that makes sense for your frequency. Makes sense for what? To grow! That is the principle of nature! Everything is designed for growth. The plant world, animals, humans Рeverything grows on this earth. Growing is a process and so we are always in a process. Life begins, we grow up and life ends. But this means matter, all that we can touch. Just as there is the visible world, there is always its counterpart, the non-visible world. A world we enter when we dream, meditate or die. And so our consciousness is also designed to grow. Growing here means to look and understand that everything has its justification as it is and to know that we are the co-creators of this world, the things we cultivate become reality and so with a higher consciousness we automatically come into a higher responsibility. 

How ignorant can man actually be to believe that he can comprehend creation with his limited mind. The mind, which itself comes from the dualistic, also functions only in the dualistic, with 0s and 1s. The mind loves calculability, control, repetition. But life cannot be controlled, nothing, absolutely nothing is guaranteed and safe, it is the biggest illusion that keeps most people so small that they, like the frog in the well, dream of the great sea, but never dare to leave this well, because the risk is too high something incalculable happens. Out of fear that the sheep will be eaten by the wolf, one day they will be eaten by the shepherd, that much is certain.

I’ve always had this life drive in me and fought for my freedom and that doesn’t mean financial independence. Rather the freedom to do and not do what I want, that comes to mind. To give every day the new chance to let a new truth reveal itself to me. To see the world like a blank sheet of paper on which I can draw. I draw for no one else, I take responsibility for my lines, colors, fills and can start over at any time, I empower myself, I am strong, I am determined, I can do it, there is nothing and no one who could make it more difficult for me, forbid it.

True freedom is to be fully aware of oneself and to live without fears, worries, unwanted dependencies. Out of this freedom life just feels so different, I am in flow with the universe, in harmony, I go through life in highest fulfillment and I am present and at home at any time, everywhere. I carry the love within me and thus into the world.

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  1. Marta Marreiros

    Congratulations Philipp, your site is amazing. A real treasure of clarity. What a pleasure to read your wise words.
    Always continue as you are, LOVE, a true inspiration.

    Obrigado, Marta

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