Path of love

Who lives your life? You or your subconsciousness? Most people do not know that they react ninety five percent unconsciously in life and do not act consciously. We act according to thought patterns, beliefs, traumas and blockades, thereby restricting our lives enormously, becoming ill and causing much suffering. In addition, we cannot unfold our true self. The path of love is a path of clearing away the old patterns, beliefs, blockades and traumas step by step and thus clearing the way for a self-determined life in true freedom and absolute fulfillment. Fulfillment also means freedom from dependencies, so the path can only be one of finding fullness in every moment.

The path of love leads into your own heart, there you find out who you really are, more meaning is not possible. You have to do the work for this yourself and no other person can take it from you, because only through this your consciousness expands, you become more self-confident and your own healer. I can only hold space for you and show you exercises how to strengthen your self-awareness, it is incredibly valuable and important that you get these insights yourself. It strengthens your confidence in your self-work and makes you move forward faster.

It is a path of truth that requires absolute willingness, dedication and courage, but it is worth it, because in return you learn what it means to really be alive. In addition, you learn how everything is connected and get a holistic understanding of life. I want to inspire you with my path and my full being.


»Be yourself the change you want to see in the world.«

My philosophy is called self-responsibility. We all have the power and strength within us to create our lives the way we want them to be. From my own experience I know how powerful beliefs, traumas, thought patterns and dogmas are. However, if you really want to be free, you have to get rid of them, only in this way we come into our true power, this is where a new life begins. Every person has special gifts to share with the world. Our social structures are simply not made for discovering and consequently living out this gift. We all carry this truth in our hearts and only a few people are brave enough to follow this truth. I carry the knowledge within me that as soon as all people can live out their heart truth, a beautiful harmony will automatically arise in the world. The path of love describes the path of the heart and leads to absolute fulfillment. So be brave and discover your own answers, discover your true self and live your truth. The mind is a good servant, the heart is a good master.

The western world is not designed for developing the human spirit. I mean, we don’t really have time in life for the really important questions, like:

Who am I really? Why are we actually here? What is our soul purpose? What does true fulfillment feel like?

Answering these questions takes time, wisdom, stillness, connection with nature – all of which we don’t really have in our society. We are conditioned to fit into the system to be attainable and profitable. Stress, hectic, worry and fear define our everyday life and our value in society is based on our productivity. We all carry the spirit already within us to take care of each other, deep down we already know that everything is connected and one. We all come from the same source and go back there, we are all under the same sun. There is also no guilt, because every person acts to the best of their ability at every moment, with the promise of joy, fulfillment and love in the higher sense. Consequently, how can I judge someone else when I know absolutely nothing about that person. There are an infinite number of factors that influence this person in his actions, of which he is for the most part not even aware himself. When I understand this, I come to the conclusion that I know nothing at all, as Socrates already recognized with the words “I know that I know nothing”. This is exactly where my work starts


Everything is energy – words, thoughts, feelings, actions – everything. The more our sense of energies is trained, the better we can protect ourselves from energies that are not good for us and cultivate the things that are good for our well-being. As we learn to perceive energies and recognize where they are working, even in subtle forms, we become more aware. This is a process by which we learn over time to use our energy more wisely, we make more responsible decisions because we can better foresee the effects.

This is how we protect ourselves, our fellow human beings and nature.

There are energetic laws in the universe, once you understand how they work, you can use them to your advantage and begin to see the world with new eyes. The law of ressonance, for example, draws into your life exactly what you subconsciously and consciously manifest by thinking it, feeling it, or otherwise radiating it from you. The more mindful you become, the more aware you become of your own responsibility, and understandably many people shy away from this! Mindfulness is a lot of work and starts with the conscious decision to grow and take responsibility for your life and your energies. I can inspire you with exercises and my way to become more mindful with the energies. These tools are universal and you can use them anytime and anywhere, so you don’t depend and stay dependent on anyone.

I show you how to heal and free yourself with simple and effective exercises.

All you need is a strong will and courage, because the truth can be very painful, but it is always worth it, so you become more confident step by step on the way to your self-determined, fulfilled life.